A downloadable myouroom for Android

About homes and bridges and bags of skin and bones. 

I made this at a time of piled up uncertainty. I'm just releasing this for me, hopefully for you too. 


Read the install instructions please, if it wasn't important I wouldn't have written them. 


Music by Outgoing Hikikomori
bandcamp: https://outgoinghikikomori.bandcamp.com/
soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/outgoing-890268477

Install instructions

This is not an accessible game, sorry.  You'll need to print the trackers and cut them a bit tight, except for the "biggest pain in the ass" one since it will need the whole A4 length for you to tape it together. 

It's an AR game, so it'll need access to your camera and good lighting. If you have trouble with them, try putting them away from screens or bright lights so your camera's white balancing doesn't make it harder to recognise the images. 

You'll also need headphones for this. And a happy place (like a room or something) of your chosing. 


myouroom_trackers.pdf 920 kB
myouroom_1.1.apk 72 MB

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